MY SOCCER MENTOR is our new online training program developed to provide players with an opportunity to further enhance their skills at home through the guidance and knowledge of their own personal soccer mentor. 

Through weekly online meetings, players will be given personalized session plans to engage with to help improve their technical skills and physical ability.

Using the MY SOCCER IQ platform players will be taught numerous aspects of the game, to push their game intelligence to a new level.

Your future starts here


Creating short and long term goals for our players to achieve


Individual session plans provided from the NXTGEN UK curriculum


Train hard, learn new skills and become a better overall player



Worksheets and quiz's provided to enhance each players knowledge of the game

mentor Analysis

Video calls with player and parent to discuss weekly progress   


MY SOCCER MENTOR will give personal guidance to your child to improve all aspects of their game. Our inspiring new program will help motivate young players to improve their skills when they are at home and create a culture where individual training is the route to success.


Players will be developed in the four key areas vital to all modern day soccer stars; Technical, Physical, Psychological and Social. This will help players gain confidence, build self esteem and improve decision making in a variety of situations. Not only are these key attributes relevant to soccer but this will also benefit your child in all other aspects of life.  

Who is this program for?

When designing this program we wanted to create something for players of all ages and abilities. Whether your child is new to soccer and you are looking for a pathway to get them introduced to the game, or you have a more experienced Premier level player who wants to refine their skills and develop their mental knowledge we have something for everyone.

The MY SOCCER IQ platform will provide resources for a variety of different skill levels.

What role do i play as a parent? 

During the process parents are asked to help encourage and support their child as much as possible as we aim to create a fun learning environment.

At least one parent must be present at all times during the mentor analysis video calls, as we reflect and review on the previous weeks sessions and then create a new action plan for the forthcoming week.

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